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A Box of Chocolate for the Soul blog is an online comfort zone for black women. Topics:  all revolve around healthy lifestyle:  healing, relaxation, mindfulness, yoga, healthy food and more.

Blessings, Kala


Transcript of the video:

Thank you so much for stopping by, my name is Kala and welcome to a Box of Chocolate for the Soul. I hope the name gives you a good idea of what it’s about. It’s a brand new site that I’ve started,  to be a place where Black women, African-American women can get specific advice, support and nurturing to live and be their best selves. There are concerns that are specific to black women that’s why I felt this was a necessary place to create online.  And of course all are welcome, there will be advice here that any woman can use and utilize, but it will be coming from my voice right out to you.

I hope you put your name and email above, so that I can be in touch and you can get updates  regularly via email.    Joining the community means you can tell me on the sign-up form, what your interests are in holistic health: healing body, mind, spirit? Hopefully you will join me by adding your name and email on this page and become a subscriber.

There are so many sites to go to. But this site is really about encouraging Black women to self-care to increase in love for themselves from an inner place, from a place of joy and self-appreciation. I really feel that isn’t selfish at all it’s from a place of developing healthy self-esteem.  From that place we will be able to love more and share more with the world. We all know that right now that’s really need.  Thanks for being here, have a blessed day till we connect again.

Peace, Kala